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Concept design implies an idea, or range of ideas, a development approach, a guiding concept and a design intent. It resolves the issue of ‘what’ and ‘how much’ and begins to set the stage for understanding ‘how’.

Concept design can be a series of sketches, ideas and explorations, including design illustrations, indicative plans, sections, elevations and 3D models of a development approach.


Concept design is virtually always a series of explorations, a testing of ideas, resulting in a satisfactory resolution of often conflicting criteria, whether aesthetic, organisational, technical, financial, social or contextual. A successful concept design is one that fulfils the criteria that the client, the designer and the team judge to be important.


A concept design may be summarised in a few simple sketches - but those sketches will have behind them, much prioritisation, evaluation, team and client discussion and decisions. Synthesising concept design proposals is a creative process.


It is here that the plan form, volumetric, architecture and overall shape of the building is set, not in great detail, but captured in essence. The concept design should encapsulate the spirit, form, principal aesthetic and technical principles of the overall project within its urban context.


At this crucial stage within the process DEAN PARKMAN architecture will offer a fully interactive and knowledge based environment allowing you to truly enjoy the creative element of the concept design.


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