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A contract is a vital document as it is a legally-binding commitment between the builder and the client to deliver the project. The contract administrator administers this contract impartially between both parties (client and contractor).


The contract administration process can be termed as an analysis of various factors based on the construction project being undertaken and the type of client(s) involved. The factors that need to be addressed include; construction management, procurement methods / risk allocation, contract choice, tendering and contract formation.


At DEAN PARKMAN architecture we can provide a range of construction contract administration services, tailored to suite your requirements. Starting from basic site visit advice during construction progress, monitoring construction progress / quality, role as contract administrator, right through to project management.


Such services consist of the following:


•  Inviting and processing tenders


•  Preparing contract documents for execution


•  Seeking instructions from the client in relation to the contract


•  Issuing instructions such as variations, or making good defects


•  Chairing construction progress meetings


•  Preparing and issuing construction progress reports


•  Co-ordinating and instructing site inspectors


•  Agreeing defects reporting procedures


•  Ensuring that project documentation is issued to the client


•  Issuing certificates of practical completion and interim



•  Collating and issuing schedules of defects


•  Issuing the certificate of making good defects


•  Issuing the final certificate


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